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New Podcast! No Fear, No Failure: ORMHOF Inductee Curt LeDuc

New Podcast! No Fear, No Failure: ORMHOF Inductee Curt LeDuc

ORMHOF inductee Curt LeDuc is featured in this episode of the Conversations with Big Rich podcast.

Leduc, a member of the ORMHOF Class of 2015, shares some great storytelling; living life to the best of his abilities, Curt has made his own luck along the way with hard work and dedication to his craft. Congratulations to Curt Leduc, a 2015 inductee into ORMHOF; Curt is why we say; legends live at  

3:10 – between mini-skirts and mary jane, it made for a very challenging time

8:58 – the entrepreneurs in this country are C students…looking out the window…thinking about what they’re going to do                                

14:58 –come outside, I want to show you something… 

24:10 – “What scares you?” I had to think, the only thing that scares me is failure

31:13 – there’s two ways we can do this…

41:42 – oh, I want to go to Dakar

54:28 – I call it Paul because I’m stealing from Peter to build Paul

1:01:22 – when my boys started racing, they had to go to every sponsorship meeting, because I wanted them to hear what the people wanted

1:18:24 – his immune system is down, but his spirits are up



Rich Klein has recorded more than 170 episodes of his popular podcast series, Conversations with Big Rich, which is available on major streaming services.  Rich is also the publisher of 4LOW Magazine and promoter of the W.E. Rock rock crawling series.  He was recently appointed to the board of directors of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. 


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